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Your house or business is damaged by water…….What do you do?

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage carpet, and furniture in the OSU Valley Library Damage to the carpets and furniture.

Your house is damaged by water…….What do you do?

It is vital to act quickly, before more damage occurs. First you must stop the water source or intrusion. Once stopped, mitigating, or keeping more damage from happening, is where service professionals like SERVPRO of Benton County and SERVPRO of Linn County come in. SERVPRO can come out to your house, assess the damage, clean and dry the area affected, and restore it “Like it Never Even Happened.”

Professionals, like SERVPRO of Benton County and SERVPRO of Linn County can identify water damage in obvious areas, classify the type of water doing the damage, and put together a plan of action to mitigate and restore the affected area. In addition, restoration professionals find areas unseen that have been affected and create access, or use professionally designed equipment, that allows the drying and restoration process to occur.

Whatever type of water damage you may have, whether it is a clean water break, a leaking washing machine, or a sewage leak, it is still very important to address it quickly before further damage occurs. SERVPRO is equipped to handle whatever the situation, whether large or small.

Permanent damage happens quickly, from wood surfaces deteriorating, carpet delaminating, or mold beginning to appear because of the moist conditions. This is why it is so important to act quickly.

While you are waiting for your restoration professional to arrive, here’s a few things you can do:

  1. Shut off the source of water if possible or contact a qualified party to stop the water source.
  2. Turn off circuit breakers for wet areas of the building, when access to the power distribution panel is safe from electrical shock. 
  3. Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  4. Remove any newspapers, magazines or colored material that may bleed onto carpets.
  5. Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removing lamps and tabletop items.
  6. Remove to a safe, dry place any paintings, art objects, computers, documents and other materials that are valuable or sensitive to moisture. .

To prevent future water damage it’s a good idea to make sure that you regularly maintain your plumbing and roofing. In your bathroom and other rooms you should make certain that you have good ventilation and you should use good insulation in your windows and walls – especially your basement. Make sure as well to clean your gutters regularly and to make sure that there is no overspill. If you are buying a new home, make sure to research the area first to avoid houses on flood plains.

You can also prepare for potential water damage by making sure you keep your most important belongings up high and away from basement level. You should also make sure you have the number of a 24-hour emergency water damage restoration service, like SERVPRO of Benton County and SERVPRO of Linn County, in your phone at all times, and you should have good insurance coverage for your home, and for your possessions to cover the restoration services and items that needs may need replacing.

Be ready in case of emergency, but if and when one occurs, rely on the professionals at SERVPRO of Benton County and SERVPRO of Linn County

If you have any questions please call 541-745-2097

Storms in the Pacific North West

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Funnel cloud from a wind/rain storm in Oregon Funnel cloud that was forming over the Willamette valley.

Living in the Pacific North West you almost never know what kind of weather you are going to see. The last week here in Oregon the weather has had a mind of it’s own. The temps went from the low 90’s to the low 60’s just in a matter of a couple of days. This brings very crazy weather.  Yesterday the mid-Valley experienced heavy rain at times and multiple funnel cloud.  With this kind of weather come flooding and wind damage to homes and businesses. We here at SERVPRO of Benton/Linn county are ready to respond 24/7 to any issue you home might be experiencing from the storm. SERVPRO has many years of storm damage experience.  If you home or business needs help from a storm give SERVPRO of Benton/Linn County a call at (541)745-2097.

I didn't Know Air Ducts needed to be cleaned!

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

2 photos with one showing a dirty airduct and the other a cleaned airduct Before and After a air duct cleaning.

It’s easy to forget that in our homes and our commercial spaces, that there is a cooling and heating machine in the ceiling, or in the wall, that requires maintenance.

Like how after a certain number of miles, your car requires an oil change; your forced air system and ducts require attention as well after a number of uses.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends getting your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. However, how often you need it depends on where you are located. Some locations in the U.S. tend to be more damp, which can lead to mold in the air ducts.

In addition to regular servicing, other times that you want to have those ducts cleaned are:

  • If you see, or smell mold within the duct system, many people in the U.S. have mold allergies, which can make your business and home life difficult.
  • You see or smell rodents within the duct system.
  • If the ducts are covered in dirt and debris
  • If you own pets that produce dander (which means cleaning the ducts more frequently)

By cleaning those ducts, you lower the chances for allergy attacks, and get to breathe clearly (see what we did there), knowing your air is clean. Energy savings is great too, by keeping your ducts clean, it keeps your air system from having to work harder, using more energy, which ends up costing you more. As the National Air Duct Cleaners Association says “Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home. The system taken air in and breathes air out.”

When you are running a business, customers are your number one responsibility, so get those ducts checked out and know that SERVPRO is always by your side! Call today to schedule your cleaning  (541)745-2097

OMG Did I leave the oven on!

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

About Ten years ago I was a mother of two very small boys, and a stay at home mom with a military husband that was gone a lot for work. It was a cold winter’s night and I decided to make brownies. Well it was dinner time and I realized I was out of butter. I loaded my littlies in to the car, and off we went to the store. I took us about 30min to get back to the house. To my surprise the fire department was about to break down my front door. The smoke alarm went off which notified our security system which then called the fire department. I had forgotten the brownies in the oven!! Thank goodness there was no fire but my home was full of brownie smoke. I am sure we have all been there at some point in our lives.

In the study, the NFPA outlined that “Cooking equipment was the leading cause of home structure fires and civilian fire injuries and the second leading cause of home fire deaths,” and accounts for over 47% of all reported home fires.most cooking fires occur during the holiday season between November and December, however, the risk is always there. Be cautious, and aware of all cooking equipment.

Here are some tips:

  1. If there is a fire in the oven, shut it off, and do not open the door. By opening the door oxygen is now free to feed the fire, which does not solve the problem. Keep the door shut, and the lack of oxygen will eventually cause the fire to die out.
  2. Do not leave dirty pans on the stove, anyone, especially children, can walk by and accidentally bump the knob and thus turning on the oven.
  3. Do not pour water on a grease fire! The water will sink to the bottom, and steam will make the flames rise higher. Use a fire extinguisher. In addition, 55% of non-fatal home cooking fire injuries occurs when the victim tries to fight the fire themselves!

Enjoy your meal, but please be careful of the dangers of cooking equipment. But if the unthinkable happens, don’t be afraid to call SERVPRO of Benton and Linn County, we will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Yes We Can!

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Benton/Linn County believes that no job it too big or too small.  We are a 24hr company, and will respond right away. Having a loss at you business can be very difficult, and we know that. Our project managers will work with the owner to schedule a time work on the loss when it good for them. SERVPRO of Benton/Linn County worked on a job where we were needed to work when the business was closed for the night, so that is would not disturb the business during the day. Our amazing technicians were more than happy to do that for the business owner.  If your place of business has experienced damage of any kind give SERVPRO of Benton/Linn County a call. We are here 24/7 to help.

Tips to avoid a brush fire, or yard fire.

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

We are approaching higher than normal temp for the Willamette valley which means the grass will dry out faster, and wild fire season will be here. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your yard and home safe this season.

  • Avoid outdoor burning.
  • Remove all dead foliage from your property.
  • Mow your yard before 10am in the morning.
  • Water your yard for at least 10 minutes every other day.

Keep in mind that when a Fire starts on dead or dry grass it will spread quickly, and can be very difficult to control. When fires are un-controlled it will destroy everything in its path. If your home is damaged by fire or smoke from an outdoor fire SERVPRO of Benton/Linn Can help you restore it to new.

SERVPRO and Smoke Damage Restoration

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke Damage

While some fires are a total loss not all of them are. There may be nothing or very little left to save but many fires are not as serious as a total loss. In some cases there is little structural damage to the home. Even in these cases, there is usually significant smoke and soot damage to the contents of the home. When the contents of a home such as furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes, toys, clothing, bedding and draperies or other personal items are damaged by smoke and soot mitigating the fire damage as soon as possible is important. Cleaning and restoring the contents to its preloss condition is a job for restoration professionals.

The first concern in every fire situation is safety. The fire restoration professionals at SERVPRO will take steps to make sure all workers and others entering a structure after a fire are safe. It is important to ensure the structure is sound before any evaluation work is done or before work begins.

Smoke and soot particles are Products of Incomplete Combustion (PIC). These are carcinogens that are considered to be dangerous. They can start to degrade contents of a home within just a few days, so dealing with them properly and immediately is necessary.

Once you have taken safety precautions the next step is to determine which items should be cleaned and where. Most soft goods such as bedding, clothing, and draperies will be taken to a dry cleaning or laundry facility for processing. Remaining items will be sorted as to whether the items are suitable for the restoration process or are to be thrown away.  SERVPRO is a restoration company and so taking care of all your items and restoring what we can to make it "Like it never even happened."

Odor issues come with smoke/soot damage. The first step in getting rid of odors is to get rid of the source. Most of the time, when restoration professionals are helping they will eliminate odor issues. Once the restoration is complete, if there is still a small odor then an additional step may be added to the restoration process.

When dealing with fire/smoke damage call your local SERVPRO. We are able to help you restore your home from damages. We look forward to helping you get the damage repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Top 5 things you need to have on hand to prepare for a storm.

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Living in the Pacific Northwest we get the occasional storm that will knock out power for a period of time. These 5 thing will come in handy in a time of a storm that cause power loss.

  1. Canned goods and a manual can opener

Now everyone knows in a natural disaster that canned fruits, vegetables and even things like canned beans are a great food supply. They will last a long time and offer you the nutrients you need. 

However, opening a can without a can opener can be difficult and sometimes not possible. Make sure to add a can opener to your set so in a time of disaster you have access to canned goods. 

  1. Batteries (big and small)

 One of the most important things you’re going to need in the event of al storm or hurricane is power and if you don’t have a generator, you’re going to be relying on batteries to get you through the day.

Not only are they going to be powering the flashlights you’re using to see at night, but they’re going to be powering other things as well that you’ll have to remember. For example, don’t forget to stock up on your hearing aid batteries if that’s one of the things you use.

  1. Water

 The most important thing, and everybody pretty much knows this, is you want to have drinking water on hand but what everybody doesn’t really know is how much do you need?

The American Red Cross recommends that you have one gallon, per person, per day in the event of a natural disaster. So that means a family of four, over five days is going to need 20 gallons of water.

  1. Cash is King

 When the power is out, credit cards and ATMs are a no-go so cash is a must have. Always keep a handy amount ready to go in case the storm fallout lasts longer than you anticipated and you need to get more supplies or fill up your gas tank.

SERVPRO Does Cleaning Services?

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO. NO job it to large or to small.

Did you know SERVPRO offers a cleaning service? if you are tired of having a messy office or dont have the tools to clean your commercial building, contact SERVPRO. Here are some of our commercial services. We understand that there is wear and tear on an office that eventually makes it really dirty especially during the winter months.

Air Ducts and HVAC

Biohazard and Sewage

Trauma and Crime Scene

Carpet and Upholstery

Drapes and Blinds

Ceilings, Walls, and Hard Floors

Odor Removal and Deodorization


Hiring a professional service means you are getting experience, expertise and professional cleaning tools that can clean your space more efficiently. You might be surprised by the amount of different services that we offer. We are more than just damage restoration we are a cleaning company as well. We offer monthly cleaning services. Learn more by contacting SERVPRO of Benton County. 

Hire SERVPRO for a one time clean or for reoccurring cleaning. Seeing the difference a professional service provides will not disappoint you.

Rely on the professionals at SERVPRO of Benton County and SERVPRO of Linn County to make it “Like it never even happened.”

If you have any questions please call 541-745-2097

4 Major Storm Protection Tips For Your Home

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

We live in the Pacific Northwest and we love it! That also means we have a a lot of different weather that we experience in the winter months. From strong winds and rain to heavy snow here are 4 ways to protect your home from a storm. If your home is damaged SERVPRO will make it like it never happened.

    1. Clear away outdoor items

Make sure all lawn furniture, gardening tools, sporting equipment and other outdoor items are stored away if a storm is heading your way. High winds during a heavy storm can potentially pick up these items and send them flying through a window or far away from your home. Putting away loose outdoor items in this situation can protect your house (and your neighbors’ houses) from unnecessary damage.

    1. Trim the trees

Take time to examine the trees in your yard or surrounding your house.

Storms will often snap large tree branches, which can damage your home's siding, smash your car or even topple power lines and cause outages. If the tree has a loose connection with a big branch, consider sawing it off. It might reduce some shade in the yard, but can potentially protect your home.

    1. Have standby power

Electricity lines are vulnerable during storms. Fallen branches can easily snap the power lines, and lightning strikes can blow up transformers, causing major power outages.

A whole-house surge protective device runs in the $200 to $300 range and is easy for an electrician to install. A generator is a great way to protect your home during storms and for a constant back up.

    1. Flood-proof your home

Heavy rainstorms can lead to flooding, which can potentially wreak havoc on homes. Water damage can devalue a house and cause significant problems with the foundation.

Be ready in case of emergency, but if and when one occurs, rely on the professionals at SERVPRO of Benton County and SERVPRO of Linn County to make it “Like it never even happened.”

If you have any questions please call 541-745-2097