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House Fire Smoke...How Dangerous Is It?

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

“They say it’s the smoke that will get ya” I cannot recall the first time I heard that term, but it took me awhile to understand what it truly means. Here in Oregon we are exposed to smoke often, we have cookouts, we BBQ, we have campfires, we have burn piles when conditions allow, and all of us know what it’s like smelling like a campfire on a summer night.
You may ask what the difference is between campfire smoke and house fire smoke? The answer may surprise you, because both are very dangerous to the human lung. Campfire smoke is carcinogenic.
In fact, The environmental protection association finds that smoke from wood burning is 12 times more carcinogenic than smoke from cigarettes, and it stays in the human lungs and body up to 40 times longer!
The answer to why house fire and campfire smoke is so incredibly toxic and dangerous is simple. It is unfiltered. Particles and chemicals that have not been completely burned are inhaled and larger than any particle that even avid smokers lungs encounter.
When a house fire happens, the smoke is enclosed in a compact space, it is concentrated and can cause immediate acute respiratory effects.
The saying “Never go back inside a burning building” makes all the sense in the world when you think about it. You may rationalize, well the fire is in the bathroom upstairs, I can fetch something from the downstairs living room…in realty, if smoke is throughout the home, you need to remove yourself from the structure as soon as possible…and stay out.
House Fire safety and education is so important and can greatly increase your chances of surviving a house fire. The soot and residue that a house fire leaves behind is also a carcinogenic…even when the smoke has settled.
If you suffer the unfortunate occurrence of a fire to your home or business, entrust SERVPRO of Benton, Linn, Lincoln and Polk County to clean and repair the damage safely from the beginning.

Heart to Help!

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

Image of a Heart We Have the Heart to Help!

SERVPRO representatives come from all types of back grounds, but all have the same focus on Why they choose SERVPRO and to work in this industry. They all have the heart to help.

What we do here at SERVPRO is more than restoring property damage. We assist our communities and work hand in hand with folks during their most tragic life happening event. 

Going through a major loss such as a house fire, back up of sewage, water loss or biohazard clean-up is a daunting process. Our team here at SERVPRO understands our expertise, the need of calmness and guidance. 

From commercial size scale of loss to the small leak in a home, all losses are the same to us.

When considering a mitigation company, choose SERVPRO, the folks with a heart to help!

Commercial Building Fire

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Building on fire Fireworks cause Fires, Practice Safety!!

On the 5th of July in Albany Oregon, I stood in the rain just across from the courthouse downtown. I was waiting for my coworkers, who were putting in extra hours to come and help protect what was left of the once beautiful, historic commercial rental before me. Many neighbors came by to commiserate over the devastating damages. As the workday ended, Mayor Alex stopped by and expressed his empathetic sorrow for those now displaced by the fires rage, and we admired what was left of the original craftsmanship with heavy hearts. A fleet of SERVPRO vehicles began to arrive on the scene and Alex hurried off to go about doing important mayor things while my coworkers got started.

                There is a process here at SERVPRO for dealing with disasters. There are professionals who evaluate structural integrity, who remove the damage, who rebuild. In the very beginning, we work to secure the property so that no curious cats come to harm. We are well versed in the language of the insurance companies and their processes, and we work hard, efficiently, and very quickly to ensure that no liability will fall on the already burdened. We view this as an essential first response for any member of our community. We are here to help.

                 I’m sure that you have already guessed how such a large commercial rental building could have come to such a sad place in its long history. The giveaway is the date I suppose. You are right. Fireworks, that had even been watered down after their show, were left bagged up on the back porch. And Albany’s firemen watered all through the night, heroes that they are to save what they could. We’d like to take a moment to share with you how to properly dispose of your fireworks.

1)      Completely submerge your fireworks in a bucket of water.

2)      Allow them to soak overnight.

3)      Double wrap the soaked fireworks in plastic so they do not dry out 

Commercial Duct Cleaning

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Servpro Vehicles Duct Cleaning prevents Odors and Allergies!

Did you know that when your air ducts are dirty, they accumulate dust, pollen, mold and other debris? This means that when you turn on your HVAC system, you begin recirculating these pollutants into every room, and every lung in the building. Employees who become sick due to polluted or poor indoor air quality can cost businesses opportunities, profit and their reputation, and it’s worth noting for facility administrators that their company could face legal action if the occupants of their building become ill due to negligence. A healthy environment is a priority, at work or at home.

So, what can we do about it? Here at SERVPRO, we meet and strive to surpass industry standards set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). A proper duct cleaning service allows compressors and fans to work at their peak operating competence which reduces energy consumption and improves the efficiency of the HVAC units. Humidity and compression can spread mold growth exponentially throughout your building, be it commercial or residential, so by cleaning the duct work you can prevent unwanted growth and help to keep the people inside, healthy. 

“How Soon Can You Get Here?”

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

A commercial structure affect by flooding is pictured During a disaster, SERVPRO realizes that response time is paramount at starting the job off right!

How fast can you get here?
That is one of the most popular questions we get asked as a emergency response company. Often the customer who is calling is distraught, in a panic, and the most important thing that they want to know is how fast we can be there to help them in their time of need.
SERVPRO has a reputation for being the fastest restoration company in the industry. We have set the bar higher than any other restoration company nationwide when it comes to responding to disasters and emergencies.
How fast we respond does have something to do with our location in relation to theirs. Also the availability of the nearest technician and equipment available. But all of these factors get added in to the emergency response timeline that we give the customer.
Let’s face it, when you are standing in the middle of your living room and it’s raining indoors due to an overflowed tub upstairs or a broken pipe, you aren’t worried about much else but getting your home or business stabilized as soon as possible.
So if you need fast response and trained professionals in hurry, call SERVPRO of Benton & Linn Counties. We can get you back to preloss condition, and make it "Like it never even happened."

Business Interruption Due To Disasters Is Costly!

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Interruption is a costly occurrence, especially for small business owners!
Most businesses that suffer losses and need restoration services communicate upfront that keeping their doors open to their customers is front and center when it comes to importance.
Commercial interruption is extremely costly, and SERVPRO works quickly and efficiently at mitigating how each loss is handled to lessen the headache of having to close a businesses doors to the public.
A disaster in your place of business is hard enough, but having to shutter your windows and bolt your doors to clients that are needing and wanting your services & goods is a gut punch.
SERVPRO responds to commercial/business losses with a mindset of how quickly and safely we can get the doors back open, with minimal interruption to business operations.
We have worked hand and hand with many business owners and commercial structures over the years and are trained in stabilizing a loss to prevent further damage, and providing a scope of work that is aggressive at fixing the problem so business owners and property managers can get the operations of the company rolling once more.
When it comes to caring about our customers concerns, we take nothing more seriously. The most important thing on each and every job is to make sure our customer feels prioritized, taken care of, and confident in their choice to hire us.
If your business or property has been affected by a disaster and you need help getting your doors back open to your customers and clients, call SERVPRO of Benton & Linn County.

Stormy Oregon Days Can Bring Unwelcome Losses

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

With spring showers and rainy days plentiful in the Willamette Valley, losses due to storms happen often. Storms bring about flooding, leaking from roofs, wind damage (needing board-ups) and sometimes water penetration into homes and businesses. Storm losses are category three losses for SERVPRO of Salem West. Category three losses are dark water/highly contaminated water. When it comes to servicing a loss due to storms, it is always considered a contaminated loss. This is due to the fact that storm water cannot be traced, and often flows through many different areas and environments before entering a home.
Wet/flooded basements often occur from storm losses, basement flooding and water intrusion during storms is something that SERVPRO of Salem West has seen many times over the years.
When dealing with a water loss due to storm water intrusion, our technicians are always required to follow safety regulations and always keep the customers wellbeing and safety in mind when stabilizing the loss. In contaminated cases, sanitization of areas needs to take place before air movement/drying come into play. Standing water must also be extracted and the source of the water intrusion needs to mediated/stopped before sanitization can begin.
SERVPRO of Salem West has been cleaning up after natural disasters/storms all over America since SERVPRO started. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality services during a storm event and returning your home or business to a safe, clean, and dry environment. If a storm has affected your home or business and left damages behind, call SERVPRO of Salem West, we are faster to any sized disaster!


6/9/2022 (Permalink)

A Frozen Plant Is Pictured A freeze can leave widespread damage in it’s wake!

During a Ice Storm, many households lose power for long periods of time, in recent years longer than ever before. Hundreds were out of power for a week or more in the freeze of 2021 in the Willamette Valley. Generators became scarce, and people tried their best to start cleaning up their properties on their own.
What were the calls SERVPRO got more than any other you may ask? It was the calls from the homeowners with a flooded basement or trees falling onto their homes and structures. Flooded basements were largely due to the power outage and substantial moisture over the course of the storm. Many homes in the valley area have basements, and therefor have sump-pumps to keep that basement dry, but when the power goes out…electricity does not feed the sump pump and it becomes useless.
We saw home after home with finished basements buried in feet of storm water, we saw homeowners that carried the water out in buckets, that sucked up what they could with a shop vac, that went out as soon as the power flickered and bought a generator! It was the homeowners that took mitigation into their own hands that had the least amount of damage once SERVPRO arrived onsite. The homeowners that saw the water sitting in their basements for a week, were not so fortunate.
Insurance also came into play as an obstacle for many homeowners. So many policies only had a small amount of damage covered under sewer and drain. This caused some of our customers thousands of dollars and some large losses tens of thousands of dollars worth of uncovered damages.
We learned how to respond to dozens of jobs at once due to ice storms, and each home we encountered that had damages from the freeze we gained a whole new perspective on how unique and substantial the event was. It was a hectic and heart pounding time here at SERVPRO, but we got to help a lot of people through one of the most unexpected events of their lives, and we all learned a lot along the way.

Why SERVPRO is your best choice!

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

There is a reason that SERVPRO continually rates as the highest ranking restoration company in the nation. We are consistently elected the number one trusted restoration brand by consumers, and we pride ourselves on not only taking care of our customers, but taking care of our employees.

-We believe great customer service comes from happy employees. An employee that is unhappy at work, will not take as careful and caring steps during a disaster response.

-Making our workplace welcoming and fun is a top priority. SERVPRO wants to be a place that people want to work at, and can grow and achieve the success that they want at our company.

-Benefits and time off. SERVPRO offers both paid vacation, sick days, and offers medical and dental insurance coverage.

-We help people, every single day. Our company is best suited for those with a heart for service. We pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail with each loss we respond to.

-Learn valuable skills with on-the-job training. SERVPRO takes the time to train our technicians and employees so they feel confident in their skill set and have the correct methods to effectively handle a loss.

So whether you are someone with a heart of service, and you want to join a team that helps people every single day, or whether you are a property owner who has had a disaster strike their home or business, SERVPRO can help you find your way back to a fulfilling career, or a comfortable home.

Give us a call, we would love to be a part of your journey.

We are always open, always here to help, and always looking for fantastic people to work alongside us.

When Water Affects Commercial Properties

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial buildings are shown. Helping Commercial Buildings Through The Water Loss Process Is One Of Our Specialties.

Businesses in the Willamette Valley have been through a lot over the last couple of years. We lost many small businesses here in Oregon due to the pandemic, and the forced closures and measures enforced and constantly updated on what it took to keep businesses open. Through this, we still responded to many water losses in commercial structures. Many caused by pipes, toilets, or even the drains in the floors.

Working with small businesses is a huge source of pride for SERVPRO. Helping a small business get back on its feet and reopen its doors after a water loss is a thrilling and fulfilling moment. At SERVPRO we understand the importance of time lost when a business cannot keep its doors open. Time is of the essence, and it helps that we are a 24 hour company with nationwide resources.

Upon arrival to a water loss at a business, one of the first things a SERVPRO Technician does it determine any safety hazards. They may ask the following questions;

-Is the water clean water? Or is it contaminated? This determines how much PPE our technicians will be required to wear.

-Has the electricity been turned off to the structure that is affected? If not, where is the electric shutoff?

-Has the source of the water been fixed? Or is the water still running? If the water is still running, where is the water shutoff?

-All water losses have slip hazards, our technicians need to be sure that our team is equipped with the proper foot attire. Flip-Flops are not appropriate.

-Each one of our technicians will ask the question “How can I stabilize this loss best?”  The stabilization of a loss is what it takes to stop any further water damage to the area. In most cases this starts with the removal/extraction of any surplus water from affected materials. It can also include the removal of materials that will not properly dry (carpet pad, insulation, warped laminate flooring, warped trim, etc.).

All of these questions set up a commercial loss response for being successful. Time is of the essence, so our SERVPRO Technician will want to start work right away after addressing any concerns the business owner may have.

Remember calling SERVPRO is the best choice you can make if your business suffers a water loss. We are truly “Faster to any Disaster!”