Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold can be sneaky

In Oregon, everything is wet. Which makes any space a prime candidate for mold. It can grow in crawl spaces, attics or in between walls long before you even notice it. Remember, once we SMELL mold, its already in there. If you see mold, or consistently smell a musty odor, call your team of Mold Remediation Professionals at SERVPRO of Benton County, today! 

Mold Remediation in Oregon

We hope to discover mold before it gets this bad. But mold usually is a symptom of a greater problem. When you find mold, there could be a ventilation issue, a water leak, or another on-going issue. When you find mold, call your Mold Remediation Specialists at SERVPRO! We can help get to the bottom of your mold problem.

Moldy Framework in Salem Oregon

 Mold in the frame work is very common in our wet climates. Often hidden from sight, it is left to grow without mitigation. When found, we use our top of the line equipment to remove any growth and prevent further growth.

Mold living in the bathroom

Mold develops very easily in the corners of bathrooms. Sometimes it is undetectable until an item obstructing a view of the wall is moved. When it is detected, however, our crew is quick to respond and mitigate the growth.

Mold Removal of all sizes

We advise against allowing the mold problem in your house develop into this. With the first sight of mold call the experts at SERVPRO! We're always here to help and our promise is that we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Remediation In Salem Oregon

Nothing is too big for SERVPRO! Whether residential or commercial, we are there to help and restore the property back to it's preloss condition. A storm caused water damage to this kitchen but luckily SERVPRO was there to help!

Mold Remediation In Corvallis Oregon

SERVPRO can  help you to remediate your mold problems with our variety of different cleaning and damage restoration services.